One way to get a free set of wings, is by doing the daily quest that reward AP (Arena Points); such as the daily Drillbot quest for level 150+ characters.

Expert's Bag

If you were to only do Drillbot daily, it would take 194 days to get the wings.


Another way to get a free set of wings (although they’re timed) is by placing in the top 10 of the server in donations to the Altar of the Goddess.


At the month’s end, if you’re still ranked in the top 10, you’ll see the message and notice the wings in your inventory.

Baby Angel's Wings

And one final way to get free wings, requires you to be level 160+ and lucky. By doing the daily quest of killing the three bosses of Circus, you have a chance to get the required numbered papers to acquire Luminous Feather Wings.

Luminous' feather (Physical)

The image above is of the Physical version, but there’s also Magical ones that instead give 10% to Magic Attack instead of Physical Attack.